ATTENTION: The images you are about to view on this website are NOT vests. They are BAGS that are merely disguised as cool vests.

Our product is a clever cross between a garment and a bag. Our designer, Josephine Raffaella Magno, has carefully engineered MRJ Hands-Free Bags to be worn like garments but have the functionality of a purse. This new generation of hands-free bags comes in the form of vests, ties, scarves, gun holsters, button-up shirts, and much more. These bags have enough pocket space for your necessities, making them perfect for a night out at a concert or a club. They are also perfect for traveling and shopping, leaving you hands-free and making you theft-proof!

Styling these bags is a fun, fashion-forward, and trend-setting activity that every client is guaranteed to enjoy. It is always interesting to see how each individual adds his/her own touch to spice up an outfit with a MRJ Hands-Free Bag.