What is a MRJ Hands-Free Bag?


It is a bag that you wear rather than carry. It has the appearance of a garment, with

all the functionality of a bag.


How does it have the appearance of a garment?


It looks like a piece of clothing… Such as a vest, tie, scarf, gun holster, button-up

shirt, etc.


How does it function like a bag?


It has hidden pockets that are large enough to fit your necessities comfortably.


What does Hands-Free mean?


It means that you don’t have to hold it in your hands, leaving your hands unoccupied

–or, free.


Where can I use a MRJ HFbag?


Anywhere you want to be hands-free is a good place to use a MRJ HFbag. Here are

some examples:

- Shopping

- Amusement parks

- Festivals and fairs

- Parties, concerts, raves

- Traveling, city tours, airport runs, train hopping


Who can benefit from a MRJ HFbag bag?


Everyone can benefit from a MRJ HFbag. Here are some examples:

- Party people who like to spend their weekends dancing

- Anyone going shopping

- A businessman going to work at an event or out of office

- Mothers with strollers and small children


What makes a MRJ HFbag so special?


It is a combination of style, comfort and practicality. You don’t have to compromise

your fashion sense to be comfy or to be theft-proof! Throw away your fanny-

packs/bum-bags and upgrade your hands-free lifestyle with MRJ.


How can the selection of MRJ HFbags be explained?


At MRJ, we don’t have collections (i.e. Spring, Fall, Summer, Winter) but we do have

editions; collections have an expiration date, whereas editions are timeless.


Classic Edition: Butterfly Box, Rocker Gun Holster, Classic Gun Holster, Tie.

Limited Edition: Unique, one-of-a-kind items that are handmade by the designer.

Denim Edition: Hoodie Bag, Vest Bag, Button-Up.


Which MRJ HFbags were designed for men?


The Classic Gun Holster and the Tie Bag were designed for men.


Can women wear the classic gun holster too?


Yes, although it was designed for men, the classic gun holster proves to be a unisex



How do you take care of your MRJ HFBags? (Care tips)


Leather bags: dry clean only.

Denim: Hand-wash cold, tumble dry low/hang to dry. Or dry clean.

Please note that some denim pieces are made with leather piping. These bags should

be dry cleaned only.