Rocker Gun Holster Budego 50% OFF

175.00 On Sale

Attention party people! Wristlets, clutches, satchels, and purses are some of the greatest fun spoilers we know. Dancing is supposed to be carefree and fun. The rocker gun holster is the ultimate party bag. It adds spunk and a daring edge to any outfit.

MRJ’s hands-free bags are made from the finest Italian leather and guarantee a superb 100% made in Europe quality workmanship.

- 2 internal zipped pockets
- 2 external pockets that cut across the front
- 6 black studs across the shoulders
- 4 black chains that drape along the back
- Lined with a black and red pattern print satin lining
- Finished with black leather piping that outlines the entire bag
- Made with genuine black Italian Nappa leather.

Size: Small/Medium

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